Creative Fitness: workshops to help marketers get the best from their agencies

An interactive & inspiring workshop programme for marketing teams to master the inputs and skills needed for great advertising.

What is Creative Fitness?

“Creative Fitness” is aimed at assisting marketers to improve their advertising skills and to enhance their dealings with their ad agencies: ultimately through upweighting their level of CREATIVE LITERACY in an engaging and interactive course. We say it is “creating the conditions for great advertising”. The programme is run with senior executive level expertise from both sides of the Agency/Client relationship.

The basic programme is:

  • Generating powerful consumer insights
  • Writing and delivering inspiring briefs
  • Understanding the creative development process
  • Learning how to evaluate creative and then how to give constructive creative feedback
  • Distinguishing between ideas and executions
  • Articulating strategic idea frameworks for longevity
  • Gaining an insight into the business of advertising
  • Seeing the impact of poor inputs on cost, time and quality
  • Building enduring agency/client partnership

Who is it aimed at?

The course is aimed at all members of a marketing department. Whilst the course is aimed primarily at junior-middle level management, senior management may also benefit. The sessions can also include Agency and Media members of the overall communication team.

It functions as a good team builder, and allows pertinent issues to be discussed in a safe and constructive environment. The sessions aim to be as interactive as possible, and offer group exercises and opportunities to get involved in the discussions.

How does it work?

The programme is run as a series of one-day workshops over an agreed period (e.g. one day per month). The workshops are ideally held out of the office, so people are disengaged from the distractions of daily office life.  The sessions should start at 9.30 (to allow a quick hour in the office) and aim to finish at 4.30pm. The programme can be customised and can also be built around three workshops.

What input do you have?

Prior to finalising the content, we like to meet or at least have an in-depth discussion with the key stakeholders in both the Client and in the Agency. Any reviews or assessments that have been done are useful from a capabilities point of view. We aim to master skills – we know you have them, we want to make them as good as they can be.

The latest programme has included Media Strategy and Digital marketing essentials. The full programme can be expanded to include any modules available in the full repertoire.

Download the programme here ~ Creative Fitness Overview latest