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Consulting, Advice, Coaching, Strategy & Creative Reviews

If you've got a challenge or a problem or an opportunity or a conundrum, let us know. 

Every brief is different - if it has anything to do with advertising, your marketing, your agency, a brief, a new business strategy, a partnership that's wobbly, the structure of your in-house agency or anything else, we'll have a view to how to make it work better.

Partnership alignment

The relationship between agency and client must be a partnership and must be successfully aligned around Professional, Procedural and Psychological elements if it aims to produce its best work.


We have a customised process which we've run successfully for 15 years to ensure we reach the root of the issues, and ensure we fix them.


We have a team of the very best strategists and creative directors who can advise you on your current output through a review system (think Dragon's Den but nicer) and help make it sronger, more insightful and better.

We (with our SoloUnion partner) can do this in a Hands-Off way (we develop the big idea and your agency produces it) in a Hand-Hold way (we work with your team and ensure it's as good as it can be) and in a Hand-Over way (we hand it over but we oversee it at key points in production). 


Anything to do with brands and agencies, I can help.

Examples of briefs:

- Help me build an integrated team in my agency (Telco)

- I have a workflow problem with my digital media tem (Media Agency)

- Help me train my team in Nigeria to be more conscious in the Activations (Alcohol Brand)

- Do I need a CMO, asks the CEO of a large CPG company?

- Help us with our Portfolio Strategy after the merger of two big food co's


Leadership Coaching

Strategy Coaching

Specific Skills Coaching

Leadership Development Coaching 

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