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Building Critical Skills in Marketing & Advertising

Skills underpin all we do - and there are skills gaps on both sides of the fence. That's okay! It's a fast moving industry and people are expected to keep up with the new but also know the foundational skills, some of which were never passed on.


We're able to build tailored plans to help you build the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in marketing and advertising. We will help you identify your individual or team goals and develop a plan to reach them.


We have a mix of workshop, coaching and online skills-building solutions that include over 100 core marketing modules, Creative Fitness for marketers (how to work better with your agency), Account Leadership for agencies and a selection of online courses in The School of Thought.

Let us know what you need and we'll take it from building you an academy IRL to building you a cohort team online. 


Over 100 modules created with some of the best Subject Matter Experts around, run as interactive workshops, that are customisable to your brands and category. They help build skills for your team in critical areas of marketing & advertising.


We can build you a full academy, we can create contnet for your own academy, and we can run these worshops as one-offs.


For Marketers: A series of workshops aimed at working better and getting the best from your agency. Modules inclide insights, brief writing, what good looks like and how to evaluate creative ideas.

Creative Fitness has 6 essential models:

1. Transformational Insights

2. Exception Brief Writing

3. Creative Process, how to evaluate creative & give constructive feedback

4. Communication Strategy

5. Digital Essentials

6. Media Planning & Strategy

Account Leadership

For Agencies, a series of workshops to ensure your account management and planning team, hell your whole agency, understands what clients need and know how to become experts in commercial creativity.

The program is split into:

1. Strategic Account Leadership

2. Creative Account Leadership

3. Sales Account Leadership

4. Business Account Leadership.

The primise of the program is for acocunt managers to think tlike Managing Directors, and lead their accounts not just manage them.

BUILD YOUR Private Learning Channel

The School of Thought is our knowledge-sharing, talent building community.

We share interesting articles, resources and carefully curate and create courses from some of the best in the business.

Courses can be done individually and can be done in groups.

You are able to build your own private learning channel so your team can learn any of our amazing courses in an interactive and fun cohort.

We also give you access to a selection of awesome coaches.

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