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Better Commercial Creativity. Better Results.

Simply put, improving the creativity of your communication is a 'dollar multiplier' -your brand grows while you save spend.  In fact, it's the second strongest lever for growth after brand size*. So if growth is what you're after, improving creativity should be high on your list of deliverables.

P.s. this applies whether you're a marketer or on the agency side. 

That's why we help you get better at it: by upping your teams' skills,  making your partnerships more productive, giving you sharper strategic and creative platforms and being your all-around effectiveness sounding board.

We help marketers and agencies work better together, to create better work - because it works better.


We've helped marketers and agencies improve the quality of their output through building confidence in critical skills with marketing & advertising training workshops, online courses and coaching; making sure the agency-client partnership is aligned and productive through our proven partnership alignments and better processes; and sharpening brand & communication strategies, from getting briefs right to creating ownable positioning statements and developing powerful big ideas platforms.

Better Skills Better Relationships Better Results.

VR Goggles

Build Skills that Build Better Brands

We offer time-tested, workshop-based or online skills development in essential and critical areas in the marketing & advertising process.

For Brand Owners - you'll want to check out our full Marketing Academy smorgasbord, but especially the Creative Fitness Program that helps you master how to get the best from your agencies.


For Agencies - try out the Account Leadership program for account management, strategy & creative.


You can also join The School of Thought, a knowledge-sharing, talent-building online community that offers articles, a reference library and an ongoing list of courses.

Being able to lean in and lean on experts in this field is not only useful but makes your output more effective. We do this by becoming your external advisors on Strategy & Creative output. 


We offer expert coaching in functional areas (strategy, creative, media, and leadership) as well as Leadership Development.

Coach &
Strategy &

Every brief is different but we're here for it.


From "help me create an integrated model for all the agencies I work with"; to "help me convince my client this remuneration model isn't sustainable"; to "build us a way of working that bakes governance into the inflexion points in the creative process"; to "help us with our metrics";  to "help us with our positioning and how to build a big idea platform", to "help us get this relationship on track and doing better work", we build a response, a strategy and an implementation plan.



The School of Thought is our community that helps marketers and agency talent grow what they know and fill in the gaps of what they don't.

A Reference Library, a community and an ever growing curated list of courses is there to help individual or team growth in the skills needed in this

Key Products


Anything to do with brands and agencies, we can help.

Do you need to build a better way of working? Do you need to foster a better relationship between creative and strategy and acccount managememnt? Do you need to win more pitches? Do you need to brief better?

Strategy & CREATIVE Reviews & ADVICE

For Marketers: 

Getting better work isn't always one of your skill sets yet you need to know how to get it!


With partner company SoloUnion, we'll create a Strategy & Creative Advice SWAT team - we can help you with briefs, with strategy, with positioning, Big Idea development and evaluating ideas.


We offer coaching for leadership development, for strategists in th eprocess of strategy development and for executived in marketing and advertising to have an external "ear" to check in with. 

Agency-Client Partnership Alignment

Getting the partnership right isn't just for fun, it saves you time and money AND gets you better output.

We have a proven methodology that digs under the hood to find the real reasons for stickiness in the relationship, and gives you the strategy and tools to get it humming along productively and effectively.


100 modules, customisable, to build skills that build better brands


For Marketers: A series of workshops aimed at working better and getting the best from your agency. Modules inclide insights, brief writing, what good looks like and how to evaluate creative ideas.

Account Leadership training

For Agencies, a series of workshops to ensure your account management and planning team, hell your whole agency, understands what clients need and know how to become experts in commercial creativity

ONLINE learning and talent building

The School of Thought, a knowledge sharing, talent building community for marketers and advertising talent.

It's the place to grow what you know and fill in the gaps of what you don't.

Free to join, then subscribe to a Reference Library and choose from a list of courses that grows monthly. Private Learning channels are available for your teams.

What they said

Dr Sizakele Marutlulle, CMO,


"The creative intervention delivered by Adtherapy is a positively disruptive approach –thus enriching the creative development and evaluation process. As a consequence, it sets the groundwork for creative work in the future that is insight-rich and relevant.”
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Join our Community: The School of Thought

Community, Coaches, Courses

In an effort to help marketers and agency talent grow what they know, we've created The School of Thought - a curated community with courses, coaches and content.

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