Communication Industry Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Executive coaching and mentoring
As part of the commitment to skills development and mastery of expertise, Adtherapy offers coaching and mentoring programmes.
What these programmes offer to Executives is the opportunity to explore areas of their performance, their roles in their companies and departments and their ultimate goals, in an environment of non-judgement and guidance.
Both Gillian and Graham’s experience in leadership positions, and on many Boards, is useful to help navigate these areas.
The mentorship and coaching focuses on leadership development. The personal space is not ignored, and the approach looks to optimise both. The end goal must be balance: work and life satisfaction. Their coaching methodology works by combining coaching and mentoring – it is directional and looks to solve particular problems, and is more focused on the business issues at hand than broad-based “life-coaching”. The sessions work at building skills, confidence and understanding to help the candidate achieve his or her goals in a work space.
Graham Pfuhl: Coach / Mentor
Download Graham’s Coaching profile here.
Graham says this about his coaching:

“I am a qualified Executive and Life Coach with a passion for helping Executives explore and maximize their potential, both in the workplace and in everyday life. The result must be a more rounded, more motivated and deeper thinking individual—ready to successfully take on the challenges of a tough workplace. Let me say upfront that I am (officially) new to the world of coaching. However, with more than 30 years of senior management experience in Blue Chip companies, an integral part of my life has been coaching, mentoring and training both junior and senior executives.”

Gillian Rightford: Coach / Mentor
Download Gillian’s Coaching Profile (November 2012) here.
Gillian’s coaching is aimed at Executives in the fields of Marketing or Advertising. She particularly likes working with women executives, being conscious of the pressures they face in the work-space. She understands how emotionally draining this life can be can be, with strong personalities, low margins, tight deadlines and long hours, operational crises, different personal agendas and the challenge of managing difficult relationships – both internal (staff/stakeholders) and external. She also understands how exciting and challenging a successful career can be and the joy, fun and adrenalin when it all goes right!
Client Feedback on Gillian’s coaching

“I started working with Gillian in July 2010 at a very rocky point in my professional life. I was ready to resign my position and look for something else. My start point with Gillian was to analyse and unpack my situation from a non-emotional perspective. From here we worked together to addressed and inspect the many different aspects of my working situation and environment.
In just four months, thanks to the hands on consultation and mentoring from Gillian, my working situation looks quite different. The tangible professional and personal outcomes of working with Gillian are many. One large and significant professional result being my integral role in getting a change process in place and executed, that addresses the internal structural concerns affecting the whole team, not only my role. For me personally, I now have a far more constructive and effective approach to, and perspective on my position and my company. Big wins aside, the small professional and personal insights stemming from the process as a whole are invaluable and all add up to a new perspective on work and self for me.”