Claiming from SETA:
If you invest in skills development, you can claim some of our costs back from SETA, by simply following these steps:
  1. If you have completed a Workplace Skills Plan in which you’ve outlined your intended training programme, and have lodged it with the appropriate SETA, then you can claim for training implemented against that plan.
  2. Even if this particular course was not listed in the company’s plan, you can still motivate to your SETA why it was needed.
  3. All that is required is to present proof of attendance that your employee(s) attended the training sessions, a short summary of the course content and a signed register.
  4. Adtherapy can issue a Certificate of Completion to delegates.
  5. Adtherapy also has the commitment of a well known educator to certify the modules, should you require it. Please ask for more information.


Download our current B-BBEE affidavit here ->
BBEEE Affidavit 2019