World-Class Online Training Modules

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This wonderful series of online training modules for the communications industry is brought to you via a clever team in the UK, Rock & Hard Place.


The course consists of 10 modules:

1. How to be the best Account Handler in your agency

2. Understanding your clients’ business

3. Tools for Strategic Planning in a digital world

4. Making Creative Briefs brief and briefings creative

5. Judging ideas in the integrated era

6. Making complex arguments buyable 7. The art and science of selling ideas

8. Negotiation skills: beyond win win

9. Leading people for peak performance

10. Techniques for idea generation

Here are some FAQ’s

(You can also download the FAQ document, R&HP SA FAQ’s)

What’s in a module?

Each module is divided into three fully-interactive eLessons. There are questions to answer at the end of each eLesson and some exercises to try out on the job and in teams.

Each module contains and extensive glossary of marketing term. When each eLesson is completed an eBook can be downloaded to act as a useful reminder.

Each module contains a video featuring leading industry experts discussing the particular topic.

How does it work?

When a user is allocated a module they have 28 days to complete it. They can pause, rewind and replay the module as often as they like.

The modules are bought in blocks of a hundred, you can purchase as many blocks as you require. You have year’s access to all ten modules. You choose how you use them. You can give 10 people all 10 modules or 100 people 1 module. This gives those responsible for the development of their people a totally flexible resource to

How do I know my people are using them?

The L&D team will have access to a reporting system that monitors the progress users are making through the module.

The L&D team will benefit from being able to respond to learning requests

from management or learning needs coming out of an individual’s appraisal – cost efficiently, speedily, and effectively – delivered to peoples’ desks in minutes.

This speed and efficiency is backed up by quality and real experience, ‘hard- baked’ into both the content and the delivery. The Rock And A Hardplace modules are an invaluable resource for every agency’s learning and development team.

How much does it cost?

All this is available for £3,500 for 100 modules and will be available to an Agency as soon as you sign the T&C’s and the annual fee is paid.

Smaller blocks of 50 (£2,200) or 25 (£1,500) modules can be purchased but the cost per module will increase.

Larger blocks of 500 (£13,950) or 1,000 (£24,400) can be purchased and the cost per module will decrease. (Note for users outside the UK: all payments are made to the UK, in British Pounds).

Are the courses accredited and what’s the NQF level?

The courses are not SETA accredited as they do not have a test component (although there are quizzes), and do not result in a recognised qualification. These modules are only an hour long and are meant to provide a burst of knowledge, either foundational or a reminder, to ensure a more proficient practical handling of the topic.

The modules are practitioner-created and are made for the improved professional performance of practitioners.

Adtherapy (or Rock and a Hard Place) can issue a Certificate of Completion should you require.



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