Marketers, master your skills, optimise your agency relationships

There are a number of programmes that Adtherapy offers to Marketing teams.

  • Some focus around mastering the skills required to create better advertising and build stronger relationships with communication partners.
  • Some are specifically aimed at marketing skills.

This page outlines some of the options. We always prefer taking a direct brief. Please contact us if you would like us to help you.

Our very popular course for marketers is:

Creative Fitness

An interactive and inspiring four-module programme, designed to be run with Agency/s and Client together, that outlines the components of how to go from good to great advertising.
See more details here.

Your own Marketing Academy

Adtherapy also started the Business Marketing Academy, to help marketers easily implement a modular Marketing Leadership Development Programme, based on their own needs and their own brands/category. Already, we have 22 modules ready to customise!

See how the academy works, and the full list of courses here

Here are some options to get you thinking…

Course Title Competency Level Objectives and Outcomes Facilitator
Branding Intermediate Discuss the concept of branding in its historical context.
Explain the role of brands as a business tool today.
Summarise what positioning means and why it is fundamental to successful branding.
Evaluate the role of the brand/s within their business
Ivan Moroke/

Andrea Ellens

Marketing Positioning Fundamentals Foundation Understand the basic theories and applications of positioning;
Review key methodologies;
Apply the learnings to their own industry and competitive set;
Learn how to write a positioning statement
Gillian Rightford
Market research Intermediate Understand the difference between Marketing and Market research
Understand the process and formulation of the research question
Understand the key research methods and applications
Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different research methods
Understand how to write a research brief
Ivan Moroke/Tshego Tshukutswane
Creative Fitness: Transformative consumer insights 1 Intermediate Gain a deeper understanding of what an insight is
Understand why it is important and how to write one
Use and interpret 10 tools and techniques
Evaluate Big Data and its insight connection
Gillian Rightford
Media Planning: The Process Intermediate Understand the Communication Standpoint for Media;
Understand Target Marketing in Media
Analyse Planning vs Buying targets
Understand Channel Planning
Learn Media Planning and Media Terminology
Learn how to manage the Agency relationship
Gordon Muller
Digital Essentials Modules (incl Content) Intermediate Learn the basic language of online advertising
Understand the role of design in online efficacy
Understand Search Engines’ ranking factors
Discover key search marketing trends and their impact on content
Understand email strategy and useful tools Learn how to develop an engaged online community and a social media calendar.
Practice how to launch a social media campaign using a planning template.
Discover how to optimize content for viral distribution.
Learn how to track and respond to mentions (Online Reputation Management)
Dave Duarte/Helene Mills
Understanding communication strategy & Deep dive Insights Master Class Understand the difference between marketing, brand and communication strategy
Understand the terminology used in communication strategyPractical application of Insights to Pioneer Brands
Learn the Communication planning processUnderstand how to critically evaluate the core objectiveWrite an insight platform and a proposition
Understand the process for agency-client collaboration on one communication strategy
Demonstrate how the communication strategy influences consumer behaviour and the information required to shift behaviour.
Gillian Rightford/Stephanie Safari
Media measurement: Using measurement and analytics to build effective campaigns Intermediate Understand how to use the analytical tools available;
Understand the context and consequences of data;
Understand and practice the iteration and building of campaigns driven by analytical data.
Gordon Muller
Measuring Marketing 1 (ROMI/ROCI) Intermediate Commercial and IP aspects of agency handoversUnderstand the importance of metrics for marketers.
Motivate how measurement is essential to both strategy execution and formulation (ROMI/ROCI)
Understand how measurement guides both short-term and medium-term action
Assess the meaning and application of a dashboard
Apply effective measures to personal/own performance.
Mosidi Seretlo
Digital: Using analytics to build effective campaigns Intermediate Understand how to use the analytical tools available;
Understand the context and consequences of data;
Understand and practice the iteration and building of campaigns driven by analytical data.
Dave Duarte/Danielle Timms
Creative Fitness: Brief writing: From Communication Strategy to Brief Masterclass Assess the importance of the briefing document in the creative process
Understand the creative process
Understand and Implement the corner stones of great briefs: positioning and insight
Assess the role of a consumer insight in the creative process
Write inspirational and clear briefs
Evaluate brief writing techniques
Gillian Rightford/Stephanie Safari
Measuring Agencies Intermediate Understand agency finances & remuneration.
Review remuneration methodologies
Understand how benchmarking works
Assess how to measure effectiveness and efficiency
Johan van der Westhuizen
Principles of Design Intermediate Understand the components of brand design
Understand what a design brief looks like and needs
Learn how to evaluate design based on key principles
Learn how to apply consistency and brand equity in design
John Pace
Marketing plans Intermediate Explain the implications of a typical plan
Interpret a marketing plan in order to develop appropriate actions.
Write a basic plan.
Mosidi Seretlo
Contemporary PR Intermediate Understand the history and development of PR
Understand the nuances of how PR differs from other channels
Understand how to brief and work best with a PR agency
Practice the key components of PR briefing, writing and evaluation
Understand Measurement of PR
Understand how to integrate PR with social, digital and other media
Rachelle Bricout
 Digital Behaviour in Marketing Intermediate Learn about emerging platforms and user behaviours in the digital context.
Practice how to develop Digital Customer Personas and Journeys as part of digital marketing planning
Discover how to bring brand stories to life in line with a guiding principle.
Discuss Digital Innovation Strategy and how it intersects with consumer needs.
Dave Duarte/Elaine Rumboll
Global Best Practice: Growth and Game plan – from Brand Portfolios to using Brand Stories for Consistent Brand management Global Three-Day Masterclass Day 1:

Growth Plan:

Theory of Brands & How Brands Grow: the consumer perspective

Theory of Mental and Physical Availability

Theory of Portfolio Strategy – optimizing your assets against market opportunities


Day 2:

Theory of Consumer Insights

Theory of Brand DNA

Building the brand story

Using the Brand Story for Consistent Brand Management

Reflection: where to improve your ways of working?

Day 3:

On site working sessions with prioritized brands & teams

Review learnings

Review status quo of brand

Develop next steps to implement Growth and Game Plan

Tijs Timmerman/Gillian Rightford
Global Best Practice: Creating your brand story Global Masterclass Value proposition, vision and brand story development Tijs Timmerman/Gillian Rightford
Effective CSI* Intermediate Explain the concept of CSI today in the context of corporate citizenship;
Understand the varying motivations that drive business CSI agendas, including compliance, philanthropy and enlightened self-interest
Grasp the concept of Shared Value
Appreciate the legal and governance framework that impacts the CSI agenda.
Nick Rockey
Social marketing & sustainability Intermediate Critically evaluate the role of sustainability activities as a strategic concept.
Review global sustainability trends and practice.
Motivate for the importance of the triple bottom line, and its relevance as a determinant of its value.
Understand how corporate citizenship drives reputational capital.
Contrast the area of corporate citizenship and its competing motivations of compliance, philanthropy and enlightened self-interest
Martin Neethling
Strategic marketing Intermediate Understand the marketing and strategy nexus, the marketing concept and its operationalization within a market orientation
Understand the characteristics and benefits of a learning organisation, and barriers to learning.
Understand how strategic choice is reflected in the segmentation, targeting and positioning process.
Martin Neethling
Modules for Executives Outside the Marketing Function
Course Title Competency Level Objectives and Outcomes Facilitator
Marketing for new marketers Master Class Explain the history and development of marketing as a profession. Discuss the fundamentals of marketing and brand planning
Summarise what marketing is, what it does, and why it matters.
Distinguish between basic marketing concepts
Understand the role of the marketing department within their business
Mosidi Seretlo
Integrated Marketing Communication Masterclass Explain the role brand communication plays within the marketing mix; Motivate the importance of speaking with “one voice”; Distinguish the role of experiences in delivering brand promises; Explain the role of staff, and ˜living the brand in a strategic communication context, including the purpose of ˜internal marketing”; Discuss an approach to effectively manage the creative process Gillian Rightford

Rules of Engagement
Adtherapy’s “Rules of Engagement” is a process that Adtherapy conducts with a marketing team and (usually) a newly-appointed advertising agency. The objective is to define the goals, the parameters, the processes and protocols clearly, that will combine to create an effective, efficient and open partnership.

The process begins with two initial, key strategic players in the Client and Agency teams. This aims to establish what the key areas would be in terms of optimising the output of this partnership and the ongoing relationship. Adtherapy manages the conversation between the two parties, and is able to address issues that may not have been discussed due to perceived sensitivity. These issues are raised, discussed and agreed, and do not therefore become a source of frustration later on in the relationship. These may include areas such as:

  • Clarity of expectations by both parties.
  • Briefing: best way to brief, to get the best work.
  • Handling of criticism: How the Marketing team to convey negative feedback, and how Agency team (particularly creative) will receive and process it.
  • Clear definition of decision-making pipeline, management of key resources, in both Client and Agency.
  • Contractual issues and agreement of those. (This can fall outside the rules of engagement process, but it is important that this step is done, and done properly).
  • Remuneration principles, amounts and agreement thereof. Also, payment terms, and process to follow: this is vital to agree and clarify, as it can be a key area of concern on both sides.
  • Understanding of the goals (business and personal), likes and dislikes of the individuals in the respective teams in terms of communication processes, meeting protocols, team dynamics etc.
  • Benchmarking skills sets in each team, and utilizing the relationship as a positive learning and growth experience, in the process of and the fulfillment of the Scope of Work.