A complete* list of our courses & services for Agencies and Marketers (*we’re working on more)

It’s difficult to write this page because the list of IT KEEPS CHANGING and growing and a lot of what makes the Adtherapy offering is that we help solve problems. Some may have an “off the shelf” solution, but most require us to work with you to create the training or consulting solution you need.

So, I will give you some info here, and you will find other info across the website, but the very best thing to do is CALL ME on +27832659099 or email me on gillian@adtherapy.co.za
We have developed a number of courses for marketers and agencies, and are busy with more. You can find many details in the Agency or Marketers categories on this site, and even if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can always develop one.
I have outlined a few offerings here. But over and above all of these, there are also all the courses in the Business Marketing Academy – so, rather just email me

Creative Fitness

The basic premise of all our Creative Fitness courses – is how to make better communication that engages with consumers.
So whether you are in account management, or in marketing – how do you work with the creative teams in your agency to get their very best work? What is the thinking work you need to do before you brief? What should your brief look like, and do? How do you know if the work you’re presented is any good? What do you say if you hate it? We deal with all these issues and more.
We are driven by a fundamental belief that better quality creative produces better ROI and are on a mission to help you achieve that.


Strategic Advertising Skills Development Programme

Other Courses

Other Adtherapy Services


  • Creative Fitness (includes Briefing, Insights, Understanding the Creative Process, Evaluation of ads and giving constructive feedback, implementation phase and production)
  • Rules of Engagement

Marketing Capability Building

The need for ongoing executive skills development in marketing led to the creation of the Business Marketing Academy, which has 70+ modules of interest to those in marketing. From Branding to Research to Positioning to Behaviourial Economics to Digital Analytics – we have you covered. Please visit the website or see this Airtable. As always, this is what we have right now – if you want something, we can develop it.