Ad Agencies: pitch advice, client interventions and other goodies

How good are your pitches? Do you have any client relationships that are off the rails? Do you need to align expectations?
Adtherapy is able to offer customised solutions for any Ad Agency issue that has been flagged by Management as needing attention. Some of the popular services are listed below:
Agency interventions

Qualitative and in-depth assessment of where the Agency-Client relationship is getting stuck, with strategic recommendations focused on improving the quality of how the client works with the agency and ultimately the quality of the creative output. This programme has been extremely successful! Sometimes this leads to co-creating the ‘how we work together part’, and the Rules of engagement.

Rules of Engagement

Adtherapy’s “Rules of Engagement” is a process that Adtherapy conducts with a marketing team and (usually) a newly-appointed advertising agency. The objective is to define the goals, the parameters, the processes and protocols clearly, that will combine to create an effective, efficient and open partnership.

Also alignment workshops are constructive with existing Client and Agency partners to get relationships and mutual expectations back on track. Recently, we ran a process workshop, where the client and agency co-developed their ideal working structure, identified some ‘Aha’ sticking points and resolved them, to great success. 

Agency Brand Reputation Study and Positioning Strategy

Helpful for Agency management to develop a clear positioning and new business strategy for their agency.

Pitch guidance

Working with Ad Agency to mentor strategy, creative and pitch presentation. We can help evaluate your credentials material and your pitch.


Adtherapy can mediate any difficult conversation: Agency/Client, Freelance CD, Supplier.

Client / Agency Remuneration Training

Adtherapy has a strong view that there are training and comprehension requirements for the successful implementation of a complex fee agreement. This is required on the Agency and Client sides, and also includes the processes of management and monitoring of the fee.