SoloUnion: Strategic Creative Platform Building

Looking for a big brand and business building idea? We all know by now that better creative works better. A new way of working to help marketers and agency find those elusive big ideas sees Adtherapy  collaborating as a strategic & business consultant to new agency model, SoloUnion. The model was founded by two former partners, Matthew Bull in the US, and locally in SA by Rob McLennan.

The model works on the principle of the “heads without the overheads”, and aims to work with senior level marketers to create big brand idea platforms that can be implemented by their existing agencies.

Adtherapy’s mission has always been to “rid the world of bad advertising” and through the past years has aimed to do just that through training, improving how agencies and clients work together, and ensuring that everyone understands why better create means better business.

The Heads Without The Overheads

Members are all freelance but participate in a profit share scheme depending on the amount of days they work for SoloUnion – on top of their fees.  This gives us – and clients – access to the finest brains in the business, without the burden of fixed costs.



Investigate and Understand all aspects of your business.

[Timing wise, we’ll use as much time as you can give us on this phase].


Create Core Brand Strategy – the foundations upon which you can build all your advertising, marketing and sales [One Week].


Create Core Brand Idea – from which you can create multiple advertising campaigns [One Week].

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