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Business Marketing Academy: Build Your Own Marketing Academy

Adtherapy launched Business Marketing Academy so that marketers can easily build their own in-house, bespoke academy. The Business Marketing Academy delivers a high quality, bespoke, in-house solution to the challenge of upskilling marketing staff. Agencies can tap into the course material as well to ensure that their teams are well versed in the essentials of marketing.

We offer a comprehensive suite of courses which can be run together as a multilevel set of supportive and inter-related modules, or as individual modules put together to address a tailored need.

The Business Marketing Academy was formed in response to various organisations wanting to create their own bespoke marketing academy, in-house. Experience tells us that these are usually started with great ambition and enthusiasm, but the building of the curriculum, the sourcing of content and the implementation proves difficult.

That’s where we come in. We develop and design courses, we facilitate, we consult through the training. So leave it to us.


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Our Faculty members are experienced practitioners and academics and (pracademics!) who are passionate about bringing best practice marketing and communication skills to business.

The joy of this immensely talented faculty is that we are also a brains trust that you can call on for any and all your marketing, communications challenges. We’re here to help!

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There’s no limit to the modules we can offer, but for the current list of available modules, visit the Airtable

Already – we have these modules READY TO GO

Business Marketing Academy Marketing Leadership Programme Developed Modules 2017 P

  • Branding
  • Marketing Positioning Fundamentals
  • Market Research
  • Creative Fitness: Transformative Consumer Insights
  • Media Planning: The Process
  • Digital Essentials (incl Content and Social Media)
  • Understanding Communication Strategy and Deep Dive Insights
  • Media Measurement – using analytics to build effective campaigns
  • Measuring Marketing (ROMI/ROCI)
  • Digital: Using analytics to build effective digital and social campaigns
  • Creative Fitness: Briefwriting: From Communication Strategy to Brief
  • Measuring Agencies
  • Principles of Design
  • Marketing Plans
  • Contemporary PR
  • Digital Behaviour in Marketing
  • Global Best Practice: Growth and Game Plan (From Brand Portfolios to using Brand Stories for Consistent Brand Management)
  • Marketing for non-Marketers
  • Integrated Marketing Communication (for non-marketers)
  • Simulation courses and online courses are also available.

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