We help agencies and marketers work better together, for better results.

Adtherapy helps Marketers & Communication Agencies work better together by improving skills, processes and relationships. It’s a simple equation. Better skills = better relationships = better results. 

R2Adtherapy’s prescriptions are designed to make your bottom line healthier, and your business happier.

We use Rx in our logo (an abbreviation for the Latin recipere and is a traditional symbol of pharmacy) to symbolise our prescriptions in the form of consulting, training or mentoring for ad/communication agencies and marketers.

There are mounds of information in this website about what it is that we exactly do but here’s the basic outline:

  • We believe that great work (any crafted communication that is made on behalf of a brand) comes out of great partnerships between agencies and marketers.
  • Great work generates disproportionately higher returns. ROI yes, but even better ROO (Return on Objective)
  • Great partnerships are underpinned by trust and confidence, which in turn are underpinned by high levels of expertise on the team.

The formula?

Better skills = better relationships = better results.

But if it’s so easy, why is so there so much mediocre advertising about?

That is the million dollar question. And one we help you answer. If you’re in an agency – we can help build skills to build partnerships (which includes, by the way, being more profitable). We can also tell you why a ‘difficult’ client is being difficult. If you’re a marketer – we can tell you why your agency is not doing their best work on your brand, and how to change that. We can help you master the inputs to great advertising .

Some of the offerings include:
* Skills Development resulting in better creative output and better relationships
* Mastering and practicing key skills
* Sharing and developing effective tools
* Consulting and providing advice in many areas relating to advertising and marketing
* Thought leadership: sharing trends and observations in this field from academics and opionistas from around the world.
Adtherapy has developed a number of workshop modules that we will structure into a bespoke programme according to your brief and the challenges at hand.  The workshops involve homework, discussion, group work and aim to be interactive, constructive and inspiring.
therapy |ˈθerəpē|noun (pl. -pies) treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.
Adtherapy Ad+|ˈθerəpē|noun (pl. -pies) treatment intended to improve skills in advertising, to heal ad agency and client relationships in order to lead to better creative output, to the relief of consumers.

Other areas that Adtherapy offers are:

Marketing Strategy; Communication Strategy; Creative audits; Structure and Remuneration issues; Assessing Client-Agency relationships and developing strategies to improve them; Industry Reputation research; Executive  Coaching / Mentoring.
More information on all of these offerings is contained in this website.
If you would like any more information on a specific challenge you are facing, please email gillian@adtherapy.co.za