Marketing and Communication Experts

Need access to talented and experienced experts in marketing, advertising, strategy, positioning, creative, digital and design?

Adtherapy has a pool of highly talented and experienced people we work with. That’s why we can help consult, train or mentor in any of the above (and more) areas. Dependent on your needs and their availability (due to their jobs, potential areas of conflict*, or time), we can put together a brains trust of Subject Matter Experts to consult, mentor or coach. Many of these have developed modules which form the backbone of the Business Marketing Academy.

The Business Marketing Academy was established in 2016 to allow marketers to instantly create in-house academies to deal with growing the skills of their marketing team.

Some of our key Subject Matter Experts are:

  • Stephanie Safari – Communications Brand Strategy
  • Dave Duarte – Digital and Social Strategy
  • Mosidi Seretlo – Marketing Strategy, Brand Planning, Marketing for non-Marketers
  • Rob McLennan and Qingqile Mdlulwa – Creative
  • John Pace – Design
  • Paul Rafaely – Entrepreneur Marketing
  • Gordon Muller – Media Strategy and Planning

Through the Business Marketing Academy and SoloUnion (both affiliates of Adtherapy), we have a whole Faculty of incredible marketing talent. Brief us, and we’ll bring in the right people for you.

*some of our experts move jobs, cities or personal circumstances change and they become unable to consult, so this list will change from time to time.