Marketers, master your skills, optimise your agency relationships

There are a number of programmes that Adtherapy offers to Marketing teams.

  • Some focus around mastering the skills required to create better advertising and build stronger relationships with communication partners.
  • Some are specifically aimed at marketing skills.

This page outlines some of the options. We always prefer taking a direct brief. Please contact us if you would like us to help you.

Here are some options to get you thinking…

Creative Fitness
An interactive and inspiring four-module programme, designed to be run with Agency/s and Client together, that outlines the components of how to go from good to great advertising.
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Creative Advertising Workshop

Duration: 1 day, or it can be over 2 days

Overview and aim

  • Adtherapy has developed a workshop aimed at assisting marketers to improve their advertising skills.
  • The development of the programme recognises that in many marketing departments there are people who have no formal advertising training. Developing good creative advertising is difficult even for those who have these skills!
  • The result of a lack of insight and experience into the ad industry, the processes, the relationships, the people and creativity in advertising, is often a lack of confidence where clients feel “out of their comfort zone”.
  • The course also acknowledges the difficulty in the area of evaluating creative and giving constructive feedback to agencies. All of these challenges ultimately land up affecting not only the quality of advertising output (and the effective return on that spend), but also the overall relationship between Client and Agency.
  • The course is aimed at all members of a marketing department, particularly those with little or no advertising experience. Whilst the course is aimed primarily at junior-middle level management, senior management may also benefit.
  • The session aims to be as interactive as possible, and offers exercises and opportunities to get involved in the discussions, rather than just be a lecture. There is pre-course homework, which involves brief-writing.

  • The objectives of this workshop is to understand the workings of an agency, the importance of a good brief, how to write one, how to assess creative work (and what it is), how to give constructive feedback, and how to be a great client.
  • The outcome of the homework exercise will be to understand the importance of the brief, and to start the conversation about some ads being more effective in getting attention, being liked and being remembered, working towards a common understanding of what constitutes a creative ad.

Marketing for Non-Marketers
Duration: Half-day, or it can be made into a full day
Suggested NQF Level: 4
This is a morning course for inexperienced marketers. Typically these are entrepreneurs, who are looking for ways to start a more formal marketing plan. The course discusses:

1. What is Marketing?
2. Marketing Strategy in a nutshell
3. Targeting – defining your target audience
4. Refining your product concept
5. Pricing Strategy
6. Methods of distribution
7. Promotional strategies:
a. Defining your message
b. Choosing your media

Examples of other Marketing Courses
  • The Marketing department. What should it look like?
  • Special skills that a marketer can’t do without.
  • The essence of Brand Management.
  • Marketing with flair. Why should the agency come up with all the ideas?
  • Bretailing: retail advertising with brand heart

Rules of Engagement
Adtherapy’s “Rules of Engagement” is a process that Adtherapy conducts with a marketing team and (usually) a newly-appointed advertising agency. The objective is to define the goals, the parameters, the processes and protocols clearly, that will combine to create an effective, efficient and open partnership.

The process begins with two initial, key strategic players in the Client and Agency teams. This aims to establish what the key areas would be in terms of optimising the output of this partnership and the ongoing relationship. Adtherapy manages the conversation between the two parties, and is able to address issues that may not have been discussed due to perceived sensitivity. These issues are raised, discussed and agreed, and do not therefore become a source of frustration later on in the relationship. These may include areas such as:

  • Clarity of expectations by both parties.
  • Briefing: best way to brief, to get the best work.
  • Handling of criticism: How the Marketing team to convey negative feedback, and how Agency team (particularly creative) will receive and process it.
  • Clear definition of decision-making pipeline, management of key resources, in both Client and Agency.
  • Contractual issues and agreement of those. (This can fall outside the rules of engagement process, but it is important that this step is done, and done properly).
  • Remuneration principles, amounts and agreement thereof. Also, payment terms, and process to follow: this is vital to agree and clarify, as it can be a key area of concern on both sides.
  • Understanding of the goals (business and personal), likes and dislikes of the individuals in the respective teams in terms of communication processes, meeting protocols, team dynamics etc.
  • Benchmarking skills sets in each team, and utilizing the relationship as a positive learning and growth experience, in the process of and the fulfillment of the Scope of Work.